How to update your kitchen without a major remodel

Updated kitchens are at the top of many homeowners’ wishlists. However, the job involved with major kitchen remodels leaves many homeowners putting these upgrades off, not wanting to invest the time or money needed. But what if you could update one of the most highly-trafficked areas of your home without having to bring in a team or hire a contractor? There are many ways that you can update your kitchen without having to turn your house into a construction site. If you are thinking of selling your home soon, these are home upgrades that can have a big impact.

Upgrade with new appliances

Your stove and refrigerator take up a lot of real estate in your kitchen, and by upgrading them, you can be on your way to making your kitchen look almost brand new. Some retail stores may even offer discounts when you buy a refrigerator and stove together. As a bonus, if you go with Energy Star appliances, you may also be able to cut down on your energy expenses while you are at it.

Give cabinets a new life

A complete overhaul of your kitchen cabinets can be a major investment, but a design update that real estate agents and interior designers might suggest instead — especially if you are working with a tight budget — is to repaint or reface cabinet doors. Some homeowners are even removing doors altogether or replacing them with glass. If you do remove the doors, serving plates and dishes can then be incorporated into your kitchen design.

Reassess your lighting

Adding light to your kitchen can be part of a transformation process. Painting walls white or in a light color is one place to start, along with adding hanging plants or low-maintenance succulents. If your kitchen ceiling design allows, you can even add a skylight, which can be an investment that’s worth it for the amount of light added to your space. Overhead lighting can be grouped with pendant lights, and adding under-cabinet lighting can also be functional in prep areas.

Add a creative backsplash

A backsplash can have the double purpose of adding a design element to your kitchen while being a functional feature that can protect your walls from spills. Some designs to consider are stainless steel, tiles, or chalkboard (which can also be used for notes or shopping lists). With peel and stick designs for many backsplashes, you can do this job yourself without hiring a professional.

Get creative

Decorative elements in your kitchen can give it that extra design touch. Framed artwork and even hanging a favorite serving dish, or hanging pots and pans, can free up cabinet space while adding to your kitchen decor. Selecting one wall as an accent wall and using that to showcase your art, or even painting it a fun color or covering it with wallpaper can revive your cooking space.

Whatever updates you go for in your kitchen, make them your own, and with a few new elements, you will have a refreshed space, without having to go through a major remodel.

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